Our enterprise The small zoo aims to allow everyone, beginner or experienced, to experience the pleasure of breeding insects. Since 2020, it has been offering a selection of insect strains, as well as the equipment and consumables necessary for these farms. You will also find a selection of products related to the world of insects. The small zoo is dedicated to the breeding of insects. This implies that the farmed insects offered for sale come exclusively from our farms: they have carried out at least one stage of metamorphosis in our walls (laying, birth, pupation). Unless otherwise stated, we do not sell insects of wild origin, nor insects directly from third-party breeding (excluding feeder insects).

Our team Matthieu has been passionate about the world of insects since his childhood, a passion now shared with his young children. He created the small zoo to share and transmit his passion, while contributing to the financing of his numerous farms and his personal research in this field.