Led lamp, with flexible and clamp

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A smart product to light up your favorite insects, or just everyday !

This Led lamp, with its flexible, its clamp, its integrated battery and its USB connectivity for power supply, will quickly become an essential companion in your breeding room ...


A smart product to light up your favorite insects, or just everyday!

The lighting is made up of two series of nine LEDs allowing three temperature settings of light, cold, heat, daylight. It is mounted on a 36cm flexible, allowing the lighting point to be positioned with 360 ° freedom where desired.

The hose is itself mounted on a support allowing, as you wish, to use the lamp placed on a table, or hung with the integrated clamp on a shelf, a table edge, or any other support.

The base incorporates a 1200 mA battery to maintain the light in the event of a power cut, or to take it everywhere with you; it is powered by USB (USB cable supplied), and can therefore be powered from any charger or standard USB port. If you do not have one, we offer the option of selling a single charger, or a four-port charger allowing you to use several lamps simultaneously with a single adapter.

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