Hôtel à insectes

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The insect hotel is a specialized nesting box for the insects in our gardens. It will be installed in a sunny place and sheltered from strong winds.

It will thus be able to accommodate many insects, often useful in the garden (pollinators, predators ...), always interesting to observe.


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The lower floor and its pine cones will be appreciated by small predatory beetles (ladybirds, and ground beetles if placed on the ground), as well as lacewings.

The middle floor will be able to accommodate osmies (wild and solitary bees) which will nest in the holes in the wood.

The upper floor will host various caulicole insects (which nest in the hollow stems), such as solitary bees and other hymenoptera. You will be able to observe the back and forth movements of these insects building a nest there, which you will know occupied when the small stems are closed with a plug of clay.

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