"Gold Soil" (premium Flower Beetle substrate)

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"Golden Soil", the artisanal substrate of the Petit Zoo, a breeder's secret now accessible to all!

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As we know, the substrate is the key to success in the breeding of beetles. Everyone knows the basics: crushed dead leaf and rotten wood. But the reality is often more complex ...

After years of work and experimentation, Le Petit Zoo has decided to make one of its "breeder's secrets" available to everyone, its "Golden Soil" substrate. A proven recipe, with six high quality natural ingredients, and an artisanal manufacturing method, by hand, in our workshop!

The "Golden Soil" substrate will suit almost all keto larvae, as well as many other arthropods. Its recipe gives it both a high and very complete nutritional value, and technical qualities (fineness, pH, water retention ...) which make it a simply perfect substrate, from laying to hull.

Please note: limited quantity (handcrafted).

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